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‘Who Needs a Guy?’: US Woman Crosses Jumper Cables, Sends Both Cars Up in Flames

‘Who Needs a Guy?’: US Woman Crosses Jumper Cables, Sends Both Cars Up in Flames


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An explosively expensive lesson was learned this day.

Two 20-year-old Massachusetts women faced an unexpected delay after one of their vehicles came to a halt. Rather than taking time to troubleshoot the situation and check the car’s dash lights, the owner of the video footage confidently arrived at her own solution and sprang into action.

Assuming her friend’s car battery was dead and just needed some juice, the cocky young woman grabbed her jumper cables, began recording and proclaimed that men were not needed to solve this automotive emergency.

It’s then that the video cuts to a clip showing the women in the same parking lot, but with a different tone from the videographer and a much bigger issue at hand. Not only did the overly confident friend place the jumper cable clamps on the wrong terminals and cause both cars to combust, but she later discovered that the other vehicle was simply out of gas.

While it doesn’t take a man to prevent this situation, a little more education and fewer impulsive decisions would definitely help!

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