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VIDEO: Twin explosions rock jihadi-held Idlib, 3 killed

VIDEO: Twin explosions rock jihadi-held Idlib, 3 killed

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5: 50 P.M.) – Two blasts ripped through the northwestern city of Idlib amid rising tensions among rival jihadi groups.

Two IEDs planted in a motorcycle and a car went off near Carlton Hotel in the provincial capital, killing at least 3 and injuring 14 others.

The explosions occurred near a key base for the al-Qaeda-linked Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham group; the largest jihadi faction in the entire province.

According to local sources, the attack killed several foreign fighters of HTS group, as well as civilians.

Even though no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, HTS immediately blamed rival ISIS for the explosions. Tensions have escalated recently between the two terror groups with ISIS sleeper cells carrying out assassinations across the province.

Video footage was released showing part of the destruction where the blasts took place. It also features the West-backed White Helmet members working in Qaeda-controlled areas.


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