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VIDEO: Syrian Forces take over key town near Golan Heights

VIDEO: Syrian Forces take over key town near Golan Heights

DAMSCUS,SYRIA (8:50 A.M.) – A two-day battle was enough for the Syrian Army to recapture a years-long rebel bastion in Quneitra countryside as part of a wider offensive to reclaim the entire southwest Syria.

The SAA’s Republican Guards, backed by Quneitra Hawks paramilitary group, have managed to expel jihadi militants from Mashara town and its hill following fierce clashes which have lasted for 48 hours.

The recent advance puts the government troops just a short distance from Nabe’ al-Sakhr; another major stronghold for the Nusra terror group in Quneitra province.

In the same context, militants have called for a ceasefire in order to engage in a surrender deal with the Syrian government.

The fall of Mahara was heavily propelled by the recapture of Daraa’s famous ‘Triangle of Death’ which includes Tall al-Harrah military site.

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