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USA: Trump ‘deep in thought’ over Iran – General Kelly

USA: Trump ‘deep in thought’ over Iran – General Kelly

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:05 A.M.) – White House Chief of Staff, General John F. Kelly, spoke on perceived nuclear threats to the US, at a press briefing in Washington DC, Thursday.

Kelly noted that “the biggest concern is not an immediate concern, if this continues in N. Korea, if eventually other countries become nuclear powers, obviously we already have some out there, it could be a real impetus for a lot of countries to develop or buy nuclear weapons.”

While on the topic of Iran, Kelly stated that “The partners in the region [Persian Gulf] we’re very close with, we have great relationships with, we’re out there, we have footprints on the ground, naval and air forces there to just demonstrate our resolve our friendship.”

“The President he is deep in thought to say the least about a way ahead in Iran and once again he is not the only one that thinks that maybe the deal that was struck under the previous administration is a deal that in the long-term even in the medium and long-term will protect America.” he added.

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