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UN-friendly meeting? What to expect from Trump’s 2018 United Nations speech (VIDEO)

UN-friendly meeting? What to expect from Trump’s 2018 United Nations speech (VIDEO)

Looking ahead to this week’s UN General Assembly, Trump said “a lot of good things” can occur there. Can they? Well, you may not be so sure if you look at what’s happened since his bellicose UN address last year.

“We’re going to make a speech, have many meetings, a lot of good things can happen,” the American president said in a newly released video, as he geared up for the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting in New York. His words may sound promising, but are they realistic?

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Many will remember that, when Trump made his debut at the United Nations a year ago, he lambasted “criminal dictatorships” around the world, pushed for his ‘America First’ policy, and vowed to destroy North Korea (he changed his mind when he met ‘Dear Leader’ Kim this summer).

Since Trump’s inaugural UN speech, he has quit the hard-earned 2015 Iran nuclear deal, walked out of the UN Human Rights Council, and alienated some of the US’ closest allies in the G7. The gap between America and its transatlantic friends became so wide that the German foreign minister even complained that they learned of some White House decisions on Twitter. 

To get the bigger picture on this troubling year in Trump’s foreign policy, watch a dispatch by RT’s Igor Zhdanov.

link: “https://www.rt.com/news/439187-trump-un-meeting-expectations/”
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