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Trump administration to impose ‘largest ever’ set of sanctions against North Korea

Trump administration to impose ‘largest ever’ set of sanctions against North Korea

The Trump administration will announce on Feb. 23 what they’re billing as the largest package of sanctions yet against North Korea. (Reuters)

President Trump on Friday plans to announce the “largest ever” set of sanctions on North Korea as his administration intensifies efforts to starve Pyongyang of resources it can use for its nuclear program.

“Today I am announcing that we are launching the largest-ever set of new sanctions on the North Korean regime,” Trump is expected to say in a speech to a conservative political conference, advance excerpts of which were provided by the White House.

The new measures target 56 vessels, shipping companies and other entities that Trump administration officials believe are used by North Korea to conduct trade prohibited under previous sanctions, creating an economic lifeline for the isolated regime.

Officials hope the measures, the latest of multiple rounds of sanctions rolled out since Trump took office, will prompt North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to rethink his nuclear ambitions.

The Kim regime, which has made significant advances in recent years in its missile and nuclear programs, has boasted of its ability to strike the United States and its allies.

Kim Jong Un has tested nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles at an unprecedented rate since he came into power. Yet, the country is under some of the toughest sanctions ever. This is how the regime is able to funnel billions of dollars into its nuclear program. (Jason Aldag/The Washington Post)

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