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The Red Menace: "Stalinist" Virus Threatens to Purge Computer Data

The Red Menace: "Stalinist" Virus Threatens to Purge Computer Data


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Malware hunters have stumbled across a dangerous new algorithm that employs Soviet imagery to strike fear into the hearts of PC owners.

A new virus called StalinLocker is capable of wiping out all the data stored on a person’s computer, according to MalwareHunterTeam.

When activated, StalinLocker locks an infected computer and presents the owner with a notification featuring the portrait of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin; the owner than has about 600 seconds to input the correct code or the program will wipe out all data stored on the computer.

​In order to deduce the correct code, one needs to take the current date (i.e., the date the virus was executed) and subtract 1922.12.30 (the date the treaty on the creation of the USSR was signed); the result needs to be converted into days before input.

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