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Syrian Army seizes 4 towns near occupied Golan Heights – map

Syrian Army seizes 4 towns near occupied Golan Heights – map

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:45 P.M.) – The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) made their big move into the Al-Quneitra Governorate, today, seizing several towns that were previously controlled by the rebel forces.

Backed by the Russian Reconciliation Center, the Syrian Arab Army entered one Al-Quneitra town after another, following an agreement with the rebels forces inside the province.

According to a military report from the Al-Quneitra Governorate, the Syrian Arab Army took control of ‘Ayn Tiyanahem, Suwisah, Qasibah, and Umm Batna.

The first town the Syrian Army entered was Umm Batna after the rebels were transported to northern Syria, per the reconciliation agreement that was made earlier this week.

With this latest move, the Syrian Arab Army is now in position to split the rebel-held Al-Quneitra pocket in two.

The Syrian Arab Army has not faced any resistance in these areas as of yet; however, a military source believes that once they begin approaching towns with a large jihadist presence, they will face more opposition.

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