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Saudi Envoy Doubts S-300 Deliveries Will Help to Solve Syrian Conflict

Saudi Envoy Doubts S-300 Deliveries Will Help to Solve Syrian Conflict


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AMMAN (Sputnik) – Saudi Ambassador in Jordan Khalid bin Turki Saud has shared with Sputnik his opinion that the S-300 air defense systems that Russia has delivered to Syria in light of the Il-20 downing will not help settle the Syrian crisis and reach stability in the region.

“Although I do not possess full information on this question, I believe that the problem is not the presence of the S-300 systems, the problem is the presence of the Syrian regime. Russian arms deliveries to Syria will not help solve the Syrian crisis,” the ambassador said.

According to the diplomat, sensible governments that are able to resolve disagreements would contribute to the Middle East stability more than any weapons.

“Those who govern Syria now have crossed the red lines in the human rights issue and we, as well as many other states, believe it impossible that they have their say in the future,” the ambassador said.

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On October 2, Russia completed the deliveries of new S-300 air defense systems to Syria in a move to boost the security of the Russian troops in Syria following the fatal destruction of the Russian Il-20 plane that the Russian Defense Ministry holds the Israeli Air Force responsible for.

The Israeli jets used the Russian aircraft as a shield against Syrian air defense systems, according to Russia’s military.

The Syrian crisis has been raging on for over seven years, with the government fighting various opposition movements and terrorist groups. The settlement process has been conducted in the Astana and Geneva formats.

The views and opinions expressed by the speaker do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.

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