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Russia-trained troops head to Idlib for upcoming offensive

Russia-trained troops head to Idlib for upcoming offensive

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (3:25 P.M.) – The Syrian Army’s 5th Corps was spotted en route to Idlib to beef up the Syrian forces preparing for the long-awaited battle against jihadi groups in northwestern Syria.

Convoys for the Russia-trained military formation left Daraa to the country’s north after the entire southern province had become under the Syrian Army’s control.

The Syrian military announced the formation of the 5th Assault Corps in November 2016 as an elite force consisting solely of volunteers and backed up by Russia.

Meanwhile, jihadists’ positions and headquarters across Idlib and northern Hama are being targeted – around the clock – by heavy artillery and missile strikes, as well as aerial bombardment.

Scores of Daraa rebels who had reconciled with the Syrian government are reportedly part of the fresh reinforcements heading to fight Qaeda-linked groups in Idlib.

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