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Rebel ‘Response to Tyranny’ operations room only succeeds in oppressing itself with lies during Idlib offensive

Rebel ‘Response to Tyranny’ operations room only succeeds in oppressing itself with lies during Idlib offensive

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:45 A.M.) – Joining onside of a counter-offensive led by hardline jihadist factions (all of them linked to Al-Qaeda) against Syrian government forces in southeastern Idlib province, Free Syrian Army-linked groups formed their own operations room named ‘Response to Tyranny.’ In the end, they have only succeeded in oppressing themselves with lies.

The sheer amount of false claims, half-truths and blatant lies spread by opposition media groups and rebel press centers in regards to Thursday’s militant counter-offensive against the Syrian Army has been astonishing, topping by far any battlefield-related fake reports from such sources in the past.

The top examples of half-truths and lies regarding recent events in Idlib are as follows:

  • Syrian rebels hit an Russian Su-24 which flamed-up but miraculously returned to base (lie; began with the releasing of years-old footage of such an event over an pro-rebel account on Twitter that was shutdown within hours).
  • Rebels captured Atshan (half-truth; the town was captured by jihadist groups linked to Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood who suffered huge losses as the result of a double ambush by Syrian troops).
  • Rebel counter-offensive killed 1,350 Syrian Army and allied paramilitary troops (the scale of this fake report was so far fetched that it even encouraged a Syrian Army-linked social media page to release a sarcastic mock statement pretending to confirm the claim for amusement’s sake).
  • Free Idlib Army claimed to have shot down a Russian cruise missile fired from a warship in the Mediterranean (lie).

The fact that opposition lies about battlefield developments have stooped to the level they now have at the time that they are draws historical parallels.

The past shows that the military leaderships of dying armies which persist on fighting despite have no hope of winning always revert to the use of fantastic tactical victory claims in order to delude the lower ranks in what is a crude and rather cruel form of morale boosting.

That the end result is the continuation of a pointless resistance and, by default, the guaranteeing of more meaningless death and destruct is in fact a form of self-oppression.

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