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Qatar furious after UAE fighter jet violated airspace in provocation

Qatar furious after UAE fighter jet violated airspace in provocation

Reuters file photo

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (06:35) – The State of Qatar has officially lodged a complaint against the United Arab Emirates to the UN Security Council, accusing the Emirates of violating Qatari airspace with a fighter jet.

The letter to the Security Council said the UAE was in clear breach of international law, as well as a violation of Qatar’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. The Qatari government called the incident a case of “irresponsible and provocative” behaviour on behalf of the Abu Dhabi regime.

Alia Ahmed bin Saif Al Thani, the Permanent Representative of Qatar to the UN, said that the provocation took place on December 21, when an Emirati fighter jet flew over Qatar’s exclusive economic zone, which is clearly demarcated as Qatari soil. She continued that Qatar would take all necessary measures to defend its airspace and territory in case such violations were repeated in the future.

The airspace violation comes as yet another heightening of tensions between Qatar and a quartet of nations consisting of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt. Since early June, these four nations have been imposing a diplomatic and economic embargo on Qatar, demanding the country to downgrade its relations with Iran and close down the AL Jazeera news agency, conditions which Qatar refused categorically.

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