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Pentagon Mocked For Allegedly Worst PowerPoint Slides Ever

Pentagon Mocked For Allegedly Worst PowerPoint Slides Ever


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Browsing through the site The Internet Archive, Motherboard, a multi-platform multimedia publication discovered some “sh**ty” presentations prepared by none other than the Pentagon.

The platform reported that the website storing this digital “detritus” was extremely generous to share hundreds of publicly available PowerPoint slides, including military ones, with a vast audience. The Archive called those files the Military Industrial PowerPoint Complex, and as Motherboard put it, it’s a “mix of high technology, bloody wars and banal graphics.”

Some of those slides show how hard formatting must be…

The US Army will also definitely teach you to distinguish between types of drugs and their street names, “because there’s nothing more fun than mixing military service and powerful hallucinogens,” says Matthew Gault, the author of the article.

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The Air Force had also prepared a presentation, which is supposed to serve as a guideline on how to act when birds slam into military aircraft… Quite graphic images suggest that personnel scraped off those remains and then sent them to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History.

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