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MEP Slams Bannon's Right-Wing Initiative for Europe, Vows Response

MEP Slams Bannon's Right-Wing Initiative for Europe, Vows Response


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Media outlets earlier reported that the former Trump team member and former investor plans on creating a foundation that will support right-wing parties in Europe, using George Soros’ Open Society as an “evil” example.

Head of the second-largest bloc in the European parliament, Udo Bullmann blasted Steve Bannon’s idea to create a foundation, aimed at assisting European right-wing parties. The EU parliamentarian labeled it as “an attack on freedom and democracy” and promised that Europe will inevitably respond to it.

Trump’s former strategist and investor Steve Bannon recently revealed his plans to create a foundation, pointing to the Open Society Foundations as an inspiration. He called its founder George Soros “evil, but brilliant.”

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He believes that with the help of his foundation, called The Movement, right-wing parties will be able to conquer as many as a third of seats in the European Parliament after the next elections in May 2019. Earlier, Bannon held several meetings with former and current leaders of various European right-wing parties, including Nigel Farage, Marine Le Pen and Viktor Orban. He also visited Italy ahead of parliamentary elections there to support Lega party leader Matteo Salvini.

The Movement will be tasked with providing parties with polls, research and consultations on messaging and data targeting, but at the same time only 10 full-time staff will be employed at the initial stage of Bannon’s project.

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