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Israel destroys 3 Syrian Army posts near occupied Golan Heights (video)

Israel destroys 3 Syrian Army posts near occupied Golan Heights (video)

BEIRUT, LEBANON (7:30 A.M.) – The Spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) released footage of the IAF’s airstrikes over the Syrian province of Al-Quneitra last night.

“Earlier tonight, Wednesday July 11th, the IDF targeted three military posts in Syria in response to the infiltration of the Syrian UAV  into Israel that was intercepted by the IDF earlier today,” the IDF spokesperson tweeted with a video.

The video shows the IDF destroying at least three Syrian Arab Army (SAA) posts in the western countryside of the Al-Quneitra Governorate.

“The IDF will continue to operate determinedly and decisively against any attempts to hurt Israeli civilians and breaches of Israeli sovereignty,” the spokesperson tweeted.

“The IDF holds the Syrian regime accountable for the actions carried out in its territory and warns it from further action against Israeli forces,” they added.

This is the second time this week that the Israeli military has targeted a Syrian government site inside Syria.

Previously, the Israeli Air Force bombed the Syrian military’s positions at the T-4 Airport in eastern Homs.

Israel did not comment on this bombing, but it was believed that their air force was targeting the T-4 Airport’s barracks because of an alleged Iranian military presence.


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