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German Firefighters Come to the Rescue of a Hedgehog in Trouble

German Firefighters Come to the Rescue of a Hedgehog in Trouble


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A hasty hedgehog got itself into an awkward predicament and had to be cut free from a fence in a rescue operation.

One very curious hedgehog tried to squeeze through the bars of a metal fence at the football field in the German city of Bonn but misjudged its own size: only the little critter’s head fit through. As a result, it was left trapped until some kind-hearted citizens found the animal with its sad little face between two bars on the morning of October 5.

Since they didn’t manage to free the prickly creature themselves, locals called in the fire brigade. With the help of a large bolt cutter, the firemen cut and bent the bars so that they could gently pull the hedgehog out of the fence.

“Unhurt, but visibly exhausted,” the animal was sent to recover in the garden of the people who found it, according to local media reports. After the hedgehog got some rest under a large heap of leaves, it was released back into the wild.

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