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Family of James Foley sues Syrian gov’t for $200 million

Family of James Foley sues Syrian gov’t for $200 million

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:00 P.M.) – The family of James Foley has filed a lawsuit against the Syrian government via the U.S. District Court in Washington D.C., alleging they played a role in the brutal death of the journalist.

According to the lawsuit, “Daesh was operating with the material support of the Syrian
Arab Republic (hereinafter “Syria” or “Assad Regime”). Syrian President Bashar al-Assad
(hereinafter “Assad”) and his security apparatus deliberately took steps to help create and
thereafter greatly assisted Daesh in its terrorist operations, which it used as a sham opponent in the Syrian civil war to bolster Syria’s negotiating power against Western powers threatening the Assad regime.”

“Assad secretly cooperated with Daesh to destroy other opposition groups all the
while declaring war against ‘terrorists,’ and feigning meaningful participation in the struggle against Daesh, and similar groups such as Al Qaeda,” the claim continued.

“At all times relevant to this Complaint, Syria provided material support to Daesh, including but not limited to safe harbor, financial support, provision of materiel, and military air support. Over this same period, Syria also provided intelligence and direct instructions to Daesh through embedded intelligence officers. Without Syria’s support, Daesh would not have grown into the terrorist organization that abducted and murdered journalists such as James Foley,” the claim added.

The family contends that the Syrian government was responsible for the growth of the Islamic State in Syria, as they released extremists from their prisons in 2011 (e.g. Zahran Alloush of Jaysh Al-Islam, Hassan Abboud of Ahrar Al-Sham).

The Foley family is seeking $200 million in damages from the Syrian government, the Courthouse News report added.

The Syrian government was not present in the court and currently has no diplomatic relations with the U.S.

James Foley was brutally executed by Islamic State terrorists in 2014 after being kidnapped in the Idlib Governorate the year prior.

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