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E. Ghouta Field Report: Syrian Army advancing amid rebel collapse

E. Ghouta Field Report: Syrian Army advancing amid rebel collapse

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:25 P.M.) – More towns in the rebel-held enclave of East Ghouta are expected to fall to the Syrian Army at any given moment as a fresh assault was launched in several frontlines.

Having stormed the town from three axes, the Syrian forces managed to seize almost all of al-Rayhan farms, now entrenching at the town’s main mosque located at the southern entrance after heavy clashes with the Islamist militants.

In the southern part of the enclave, the Syrian troops – stationed in the recently-restored Beit Sawa and Mesraba and led by the elite Tiger Forces – broke through rebel defensives in Hamouriyah and entered the town’s northern neighborhood.

To the far south, reports came that the SAA’s Republican Guards have reclaimed roughly 40% of Jisreen town after ousting the militants from its farms yesterday.

The ground military incursion has been propelled by heavy Syrian and Russian air cover; with non-stop airstrikes targeting rebel positions, gatherings and supply routes for the last 12 hours.

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