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Daraa rebels hang on for dear life as ISIS offensive threatens to annihilate them

Daraa rebels hang on for dear life as ISIS offensive threatens to annihilate them

BEIRUT, LEBANON () – Over the last several days, rebel forces in southwestern Daraa province have been scrambling to hold their front-line against a relentless ISIS counter-offensive that threatens to completely wipe them out.

About one week ago, Free Syrian Army rebels launched an offensive against the ISIS-linked Saifullah al-Maslul Army (also called Jaysh Khalid ibn al-Walid) in Daraa’s Yarmouk Basin area with the hope of capturing the town of Hayt.

Though employing a lot of firepower to try break ISIS lines, the rebel offensive stalled and ever since then ISIS has been conducting a general counter-offensive in an around Hayt.

Yesterday, rebel forces achieved some respite, repelling a powerful ISIS assault from two axes at the Jalel housing area and Al-Ruba’ai checkpoint.

In repelling the attack, Free Syrian Army fighters managed to inflict significant losses on ISIS, destroying a BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicle and an armed pickup as well killing and injuring at least 8 jihadist militants.

For now, rebel forces have stabilized the situation and prevented themselves from being overrun in the Yarmouk Basin area. However, more ISIS attacks are expected to come.

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