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China accused the US of invading its waters in the South China Sea

China accused the US of invading its waters in the South China Sea

Naval vessels of the United States have arbitrarily invaded the territorial waters of the South China Sea, said Wu Qian, spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of the People’s Republic of China.

The representative of the defense department called the next maneuvers of American ships a provocation, adding that it was a “violation of the laws of China and relevant international norms.”

According to him, this step undermines the strategic mutual trust between the armed forces of the two countries, and also threatens peace and stability in the South China Sea.

Beijing expressed strong protest and called on Washington to stop its provocations.

In addition, the Ministry of Defense of China stated that they will strengthen the country’s defensive capabilities at sea and in the air, and will also defend state sovereignty and national security.

Contested territory

The Paracel Islands are part of the disputed territory in the South China Sea. China and a number of countries in the Asia-Pacific region have disagreements over the issue of maritime borders and zones of responsibility in this territory.

According to the US, China is building artificial islands in the South China Sea, making them military targets and expanding its territorial waters at the expense of artificial land. China rejects the US accusations of militarizing the South China Sea, claiming that it has the sovereign right to conduct any activity and deploy any infrastructure on its territory.

Source: RIA

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