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BREAKING: Syrian Army to enter Afrin following deal with Kurdish militia

BREAKING: Syrian Army to enter Afrin following deal with Kurdish militia

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:05 P.M) – The Syrian government has reached an agreement with Kurdish forces in northwest Syria to officially enter and defend the Afrin region, Kurdish media sources reported.

“SDF and the Syrian Army have reached an agreement whereby the government troops will enter Afrin tomorrow”, said Sheikho Bilo, an official from the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Unity Party (PYDKS).

“The agreement has been concluded to protect borders and of purely military nature”, he added.

Turkey along with its proxy armed factions launched a military campaign dubbed “Olive Branch” aimed at ‘Securing and liberating Afrin region from the terrorist Kurdish militia”.

With little to gain in the ground, the Turkish military targeted, with airstrikes, the infrastructure as well as several archeological sites in the Kurdish-held region.

A few days ago, the Syrian government accused Turkey of using toxic substances against the civilians. Turkey, in return, denied the claims.

The newly-reached agreement will most likely put the Syrian and Turkish-backed militants in direct confrontation.


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